Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Welcome to Amy Talbot, author of "The Rajah's Chosen Bride"

Hi, AMY! It’s great that you could be with us today!

So tell us, first of all, the name of your newest novel and what it’s about.

“The Rajah’s Chosen Bride” is a contemporary cross-cultural romance, set in Australia and Indian (Rajasthan). I wanted to create a new romantic hero; a man of wealth and power, courage and integrity. India seemed the obvious choice – it is a land of breathtaking beauty and its people warm and welcoming. Australia is a land of opportunity and adventure, and my heroine reflects the ‘we can be anything, go anywhere, make it happen’ belief Australian’s have in themselves. I enjoyed bringing together my heroine and hero and I hope my readers will enjoy their journey.

If you could sum up your writing in one sentence, what would you say?

I have found that writing is fun, endlessly exciting, and rewarding in ways I never imagined possible when I started out in this career.

Describe your favorite scene from your novel.

I like the dance scene in chapter eleven, which takes place at their engagement party. Vania, who has never danced, trusts Deven to keep her safe.

An extract:

Dancing with Deven suddenly felt like the most natural thing in the world.
Together, with those she loved watching on, and the music keeping time to the strong beat of her heart, it felt right.
She felt right.
Their bodies swayed in perfect accord. The hotel staff had opened all the windows to let in whatever breeze there might be. The night air on her skin, the blur of colors, the smell of his cologne, the music, the delight of her own body’s lightness and movement—it was pure enchantment.
It all felt right.
She was where she belonged; where she had always belonged.
They danced silently; her eyes were half-closed, her breasts brushed against the heavy muscles of his chest and the top of her thighs touched his as they moved languidly to the music.
“Vania,” he murmured, his voice low against her ear.
“Yes.” She drew her head back and smiled dreamily at him,
not wanting to break the spell.
“You dance well,” he whispered. “I hope this is the first of many new things we will try together.”
Deven’s eyes held her captive. She couldn’t look away from him―didn’t want to look away from him. She saw the light of naked desire that mirrored her own.
He lowered his head until his lips hovered a breath away from hers. “I cannot kiss you, with these people watching. It would not be right.”
“No.” She licked her lips. “Yes.”
She wanted to be lost there for all time, in the heat of his hunger. The music moved through them as he let go of her hand, spreading his fingers over her waist to draw her intimately against him.
But he didn’t love her.
Who cares!
She had this night, this moment; this fantasy.
If that was all, so be it.
It felt liberating—exhilarating that he held her, their bodies molded together. The song came to an end. He lifted his head fractionally, his breath a caress on her lips. During the timeless moment between them Vania noted the music had changed to a haunting serenade.
She toyed with the button on his shirt. “What happens now?”
He dragged in a deep breath. “Dance with me again.”

Do you have a favorite quote from “The Rajah’s Chosen Bride”?

"I made my own choices. For better or worse, I took what life offered

The story line reflects the point where Vania accepts the arranged marriage and her part in the agreement. She knows she is a willing participant and not a reluctant bride.

When did you decide that you were going to become a writer? Was it a landmark decision, or a more gradual one?

2010 marks the fifteen anniversary year of chasing my dream to write fiction for a living. I wrote my first romance in six weeks and it took about that long to receive a very nice rejection. Instead of giving up, I decided to learn the craft, and succeed as an author.

The growth of electronic publishing is of great interest to me. I believe this is the way of the future for publishing and my goal is to be fully involved in all aspects of an E-Publishing company.

Since those early beginnings, I have published numerous short stories, magazine and newspaper articles, as well as had a romance novel published by New Concepts Publishing and two by Eternal Press. I work as a Freelance Editor and am currently completing a post-graduate Diploma in Publishing. I am the Creative Writing Tutor for Aoraki Polytechnic (Christchurch, New Zealand) where I tutor students studying Radio, Television and Presenting, and students studying creative writing for publication.

Who influences you the most in your writing?

Good writing in any genre, any style – even slogans on a billboard.

In the course of researching for your writing, have you come across any fun or interesting facts that you’d like to share with us today?

“It takes ten years to become an overnight success.”

For all budding authors, I recommend ‘How I got Published’, edited by Ray White and Duane Lindsay (Writers Digest Books) – it’s inspirational and informative.

Have you ever had writer’s block? How did you cope?

Every day, it goes with the territory. As the T-shirt says “Keep on truckin’ ” One thing I’ve learnt, writing takes time, thought, knowledge, imagination and staying power.

What’s your favorite thing to do when not writing?

Oh dear, I hate to admit this, but when I am not writing, I read. I walk and swim for recreation and garden reluctantly, when the weeds are waving hello through the lounge-room windows. I also like to socialize with friends and family. Theodore Taylor Simpson is the love of my life – born 18th February 2010 and our very first and much adored grandson. I have lived aboard (including the UK and USA) and like to travel and learn about other countries, cultures and people. During May, my husband and I went with friends to the UK and Europe. We have other trips planned next year (fingers crossed).

Name something that you’d do alone but never in front of other people?

I draw the blinds, put on my favorite music (usually something loud and raunchy) and I sing out of tune and dance badly – and I love it.

If you could be a movie star for one day, who would you be?

Judy Dench, the most amazing female character actress of our time.

Finally, finish this sentence. People would be surprised to know that… my idea of housework is to sweep the room with a glance

CJ: I want to thank you again, for coming out to be on the blog today. Before you go, please be sure to give us a taste of your novel, and a link or two so we can all go buy it!

"The Rajah's Chosen Bride" on sale now at ETERNAL PRESS!


  1. LOL I have a fridge magnet that says a writer cleans their house with a sweep of their eyes.

    Great interview and good luck with your book, Amy

  2. Wonderful interview Amy and CJ. Your book sounds like a wonderful read, Amy.

    Best of luck to you.

  3. Thanks for coming over to my blog, Amy! I always enjoy seeing what new novels are coming out!

    I hope you have many, many sales!


  4. Hi Amy, sounds like two contrasting characters make for a fine storyline. And you hit it right with ten years to become a good enough author. That's about how long it took me, too. Oh, what we must learn.
    Very nice post. I enjoyed it, Amy and CJ.
    Good luck.

  5. I like the sound of the book :)
    And, I would sure love to do something about my own love for writing. So should check that book you recommended.

    Good luck Amy

  6. Hi CJ and thanks again for welcoming me to your blog. Thanks also for everyone's positive feedback. Sorry for the late arrival - I live in New Zealand and have just got up - it is Thursday morning and there is a heavy frost on the ground. I hope you enjoy The Rajah's Chosen Bride and tell your friends. I believed that it was time we had a change from the mysterious sheik hero and Devendra Jain (my main male character) fits the profile of strong, charismatic and sexy.

  7. If you are interested to learn more about my contemporary cross-cultural romance novel then check out the short movie clip I posted to YouTube. Just put The Rajah's Chosen Bride in the search function.

  8. I loved your excerpt, Amy! I could definitely feel the heat between your hero and heroine! Very nice, best of luck with the new release!!

  9. Welcome Amy! This sounds like a very good book!! Good luck with the new release!!!!! Congrats!!! Yayay!!!

    **Waves to CJ**

  10. Great excerpt, Amy! I'm so curious to see how an arranged marriage comes to be in the modern world!