Monday, June 7, 2010

Please Welcome Cecile!

CJ: Hey, everyone! Thanks for dropping by the CJ blog! It’s great to have you here…and, as many of you know, I’m hosting a new, but absolutely adored, friend, Cecile “Smutty Hussy” from “All I Want and More” Book Review Blog!

CJ: Also with us, is Monika…she’s going to be acting as Moderator, because sometimes, I tend to get out of hand with these crazy interviews and she always seems to bring it all back and keep us on point!

CJ: I made a special playlist just for this show, so let me begin by inviting you hit that music to the left and GET THIS PARTY STARTED! WhoooooHOoooo!

Mod: So I’m gonna dive right into this interview! Okay, Cecile, tell us all about yourself starting with your full name.

Cecile: My name’s “Cecile Smutty Hussy” (yea, just try to Google me ~ haahaa)

Mod: And the occupation in which you are legitimately, or otherwise, gainfully employed? *grins*

Cecile: Hummm, you can call me Madame Smutty Hussy. Does it need to be explained? lol! The one that pays the real bills would be a bookkeeper. Yea, I like Madame Smutty Hussy better too! Wonder if they would let me change my title at day job... humm.. might pick up some clients, lol! **Eeekkk**

CJ: *laughs* Bookkeeper is better than a Burger King “cashier”, which is what I was doing at one point this past winter to keep the $$ coming in! Holy crap talk about emotionally scarring! I don’t think one ever completely learns how to cope with having a hamburger chucked at ya by an angry customer!

Cecile: Hey, there ain't nothing wrong with a Burger King "cashier"... Girl I can work them burgers just fine!!!! *grins*

Mod: I bet you’re a wizard with a spatula, eh Cecile? *winks* Ok, so why did you decide to become a “book reviewer”?

Cecile: Ohhhh gosh... I love spreading the word about authors and their work. I look at it this way: if I can get one person to pick up something I have read based off my review, then I have done my job. First, to the idea of introducing a new author to someone that might not have picked up the book and second, putting the author out there. Even if the book was not my cup of tea, I will still show my review because it might be just what someone else wanted to read. And who am I to deny a book its rights to be read!

CJ: I like your attitude, girl! You’re hired! *giggles* So describe yourself in three words.

Cecile: Girl, are you putting me to work behind that "register"??? Haa, I am killing myself!!!! Okay, three words... that's all I get. Damn, this is worst than twitter, lol.. Okay, if I only have three words, here goes:
Sassy, spunky and sexy as hell. No not really, but I couldn't resist!

Mod: Nice. Especially the “sexy as hell” part, which I believe was your three words. The other’s are just part of the final whole, am I right?

Cecile: Hell YEAH! Now who has the great attitude?

CJ: Alright, girlie what’s your sign?

Cecile: Ohhh... *sly grin crosses Cecile's face* a Scoripo. We rule!!!

CJ: Well, I’m an Aquarius and I’m gonna have to disagree slightly with you on that one. BOTH Scorpio and Aquarius don’t just rule, we R.O.C.K!

Cecile: Okay... okay... I will give... But I have to say that everything they say about Scoripo's holds very true to me.

Mod: Alright! Time for the “Quick Fire Round”. That’s when I ask a question, and you both have answer it with the first thought that comes to mind. Ready?

Cecile: Hot Damn... I would say that I am!

CJ: In the words of some hot cowboy-hunk, “I’s born ready!” Let’s hit it!

Mod: Do you wear contacts or glasses?

Cecile: Neither. Well for one Halloween costume I wore glasses. But I had to take the lens out... Not good to keep them in when drinking, lmbo... I really could not see!

CJ: I wear neither, either. Although, I’m getting sick of squinting to see things that are far away, like the TV and my nightstand clock. Everyone keeps pestering me to go get my eyes checked, but I’m too cheap…once I can’t see the computer screen, then I’ll consider getting glasses.

Mod: Do you color your hair?

Cecile: Yes, I do and very proudly. In fact, what month is it again?...Oh, yeah! This month I am an auburn girl!

CJ: I tend to do the “dye job” once a year. Always different just for the heck of it...then I spend the rest of the year growing it out of my hair. *YIKES*

Mod: How often do you wear makeup?

Cecile: Try not to wear it often; but for work purposes (so I do not scare the clients) everyday.

CJ: I’m a total user…couldn’t live without mascara and lip gloss! Unless it’s summer, in which case I let my tan just shine on through!

Cecile: I agree with you on the mascara and lip gloss. But I just hate going through the process...

CJ: I hate the process, too...however, the end result is always nice when I take the time.

Mod: What is your favorite thing to wear?

Cecile: Victoria Secret Pink Panties & Very Sexy Bras!!! Okay okay, TMI. But you asked and they are my weaknesses!!!! And my fetishes!!! (Just don't ask me to tell you how many I have.... they out rank the shoes!)

CJ: Good Lord...a kindred soul! If I was stranded on an island and had to choose between taking my VS and my clothes, I’m taking the bras and panties every frickin’ time, baby! Hallelujah!

Cecile: Another VS girl!!!! Oh man... I could not agree with you more!!!!! Cute, sexy, hot, skimpy, ruffles, any colors.... JUST.GIVE.THEM.TO.ME!

CJ: WhooHooo! Preach it, sister!

Mod: You two are crazy! *laughs* How many pairs of shoes do you each own?

Cecile: Oh gosh really, do I have to count?!?! Okay okay, over 30. That is like asking me my age.... You should not do that!! *Giggles*

CJ: Heehee! Love it! Let’s put it this way…if you were to ask me right now to give the exact number of my weight or my shoe count, the weight number is going to be more accurate, for sure! Shoes are a necessity for life; many pairs of shoes are a requirement for womanhood…that and chocolate, I think.

Cecile: Are you promising me chocolate.... *big cheesy grin*

CJ: Surely! You want some of my Dove bar? *snaps off a piece and hands it to Cecile*

Mod: *clears throat* Let’s stay focused, ladies. I know chocolate is exciting, but we have an interview and a time limit. Favorite way to do your hair?

Cecile: Hummm.. let me count the ways, lmbo! Work - I wear the famous Librarian Bun or Ponytail. Then when I want to be sassy and sexy, I actually curl my hair... And yeah.. it is sexy! LMBO!!! I laugh because I just learned how to work the curling iron and my hair together last year... Yeah, I am not talented in that field... But now.. I am ! *beams proudly*

CJ: Too, too cute. I have a love-hate relationship with curling irons, and I do use one from time to time (ok, more like every other day)….I’m a ponytail or bunn-ish looking thing for work, or else long and curled. When I don’t have time to style it, long and windblown is my best bet everytime..

Mod: Do either of you wear jewelry?

Cecile: Hardly. I am not a bling kinda girl.

CJ: I do bling only on special occasions…the rest of the time it’s just my tiny celtic cross necklace and wedding ring.

Mod: What’s your favorite Book?

Cecile: Let's see ~ I cannot say just one, so I offer you these: Sweet Caroline by Lissa Matthews. The Vampire Queen's Servant by Joey W Hill. Tortured by Amanda McIntyre. Sanctuary by Cassidy Hunter.

CJ: Nice!! Mine’s Stephen King’s “The Stand”…although pretty much everyone visiting today probably already knows that from the one-hundred-and-one interviews I’ve pestered them to read!

Mod: So who’s your favorite author then?

Cecile: See above - and if you are brave enough look in my closet, then you will see--I keep the authors stashed in there...

CJ: Really? No fair!

Cecile: No silly.. my books are stashed there for now ~ till I get a bookcase! And you thought I kept the authors there... now if we could keep the cover models.. then hell yeah, I would have hubs kinda worried.. lmbo!!!

CJ: If you can figure out a way to bring those hot male cover pics to life and then stash them, I’m moving in with you, sista! HELL yeah!

Cecile: Believe me, I am working on it!!!!! As soon as I have my formula complete... I will let you know!

CJ: Tiiiight! And…you do that, C!

Mod: Ok, you girls are just having too much fun with these questions. *giggles* How about a harder one. Do you have a favorite TV show?

Cecile: CSI (all of them) and Criminal Minds

CJ: Ok, this is probably highly obvious to anyone who’s looked at my background for five seconds, I love “Lost”(Josh Holloway can visit my “island” any time he wants)!!! Second favorite is a toss-up between “Angel” and “Supernatural”. What can I say, paranormal story-lines featuring hot male leads? SWEETNESS!

Mod: Favorite actor?

Cecile: Any one that I can label Sex on a Stick!!!

CJ: Gerard Butler

Mod: Got a favorite actor over 50?

Cecile: Sean Connery

CJ: Is Gerard Butler fifty yet? Hell, I don’t care, I’ll pick him!

Cecile: Hey wait....... No, you can not have Gerard Butler!!!!!!! *Pouts*

CJ: Ok, C… calm down! I’ll share him with you. Besides, I’ve heard he likes making out with random women, so he should jump at the chance to lock lips with two hot brunettes like us, right? *elbows Cecile and winks*

Mod: *rolls eyes and shakes head* Who’s your favorite actress?

Cecile: Now my favorite actress is Julia Roberts, hands down!

CJ: I’m gonna have to second that....although, there's also Kate Beckinsdale...I love her!

Mod: Who is your favorite reality TV star?

Cecile: I do not watch these shows (although a friend of mine thinks she is getting me to watch Big Brother with her this summer, lol)

CJ: I’m addicted to “Real Housewives”, although it’s generally because all the women annoy me so badly that I can’t help but watch...kinda like witnessing a car crash in slow-mo…but if I had to choose, I’d say my favorite “car wreck” has got to be a toss up between Kelly Killoren Bensimon (RH of NCY) a.k.a. "Meltdown Psycho Freak" and Vicki Gunvalson (RH of the OC) a.k.a "The Control Freak of OC). That’s two craaazaaa bitches, right there!

Mod: So I’m guessing you don’t have a favorite reality TV show, Cecile? And you do right, CJ?”

Cecile: Nope, girl, see above... Yeah, I am not a tv junkie.

CJ: Yep, see above for me too, Mo…

Mod: Alrighty then...moving on! What’s your favorite animal?

Cecile: White Tiger.

CJ: Friesian stallions.

Mod: Shampoo brand?

Cecile: Anything that will keep the color in my hair, lol!!! Although if those Herbal Essense commericals really did happen, I would be buying that crap in bulk!!!! With the covers models that I stash in the closet.

CJ: I got this cool stuff at Target. It’s called “Yes To Carrots” and it’s made of all organic veggies. My hair is gorgeous and shiny! I love it!

Mod: Toothpaste?

Cecile: Crest 3D! I want my teeth to be pretty white... I love to smile!

CJ: Me too! Awesomeness!

Mod: Where are you most likely to be seen buying clothes?

Cecile: I guess I should say wherever my daughter allows me to buy... She picks out my clothes. (I hate having to take a loan out to shop for clothes - so I tend to shop at the outlet stores) Now I do not mind taking out a second mortgage for Victoria Secret any day!!

CJ: Amen on the VS! I tend to shop anywhere there’s a sale. I’m a total cheap skate when it comes to shopping, if it’s not on a sale rack, it ain’t coming home with me! Unless it’s shoes…yes, shoes or VS, everything ELSE has to be on a sale rack.

Mod: Where’s your favorite place to get ice cream?

Cecile: Not an ice cream fan, but if I had to say... there is a little shop called Chubby's. Yeah, see why I am not an ice cream fan, like really. Do I want to eat at a place, where I am chugging away a dessert I should not be having in a place called Chubby's. *shakes head* They could at least call it something slenderizing, lol!

CJ: OH CRAP! I saw that “Chubby’s” story going somewhere totally different, but you didn’t even take it there! Nice restraint job there, Smutty C! Again I say, you ROCK!

Mod: CJ, can you pull your mind out of the gutter for six seconds? *turns to Cecile* What car would you love to buy if you could afford it?

Cecile: Oh are you kidding me... I want a Audi R8 Spyder (for your viewing pleasure)!

CJ: Damn! Nice, nice, nice. Me likey! I’d probably pick either a Dodge Viper, or the new Chevy Camaro…both are tight.

Cecile: Yea, me likiee too... except for the price tag!

Interview of Random Questions:

Moderator: Ok, since Cecile is the real guest today, these questions are only for her. CJ, that’s means no talking out of you, girl!

Mod: Who was the hottest teacher you ever had?

Cecile: *Looks at CJ to see if she will do what is being told and laughs*
OH gosh.. I never had one! *pouts* Can I make one up?

Mod: Have you ever made out in a movie theater?

Cecile: Doesn't everyone at some point in their life do that... *looks around* Okay, just me, then... sure I see no one wants to admit it.

*CJ: “Hell, yeah!! I’ve done that once too!!”*

*Cecile reaches over to high five CJ*

Mod: CJ, please keep your loud opinions to yourself! Seriously, girl! *turns to Cecile again* What's the strangest talent you have, Cecile?

Cecile: Do we really have to get into that here... lmbo... If you must know... Let's just say that it is very... ummm... enjoyable, lol.

*Loud cheering and clapping from CJ*

Mod: Sorry for the loud background noise, folks. CJ is cheering and whooping it up, regardless of the numerous dirty looks and elbow jabs I’m giving her!

Mod: Cecile, have you ever been tied up? Do you want to be?

Cecile: *Looks at CJ...and tries to stop snickering* Do my dreams count? *Moderator shakes her head and tries not to start laughing* They don't?? Well, then nope. =( Part two of the question... Hell Yes!!=)

Mod: Is there one thing all of your love interests have had in common?

Cecile: Yeah.... ME! Seriously, my passion for them.

Mod: What's the weirdest thing you have done while driving?

Cecile: Oh gosh... now really?? *Looks at CJ* CJ, are you writing a story?.... *CJ shakes her head innocently* Okay.. okay... While I was driving...Wait! Can I admit that here???

*Loud laughter from CJ*

Mod: *trying hard to control her laughter* For the last time! CJ, shut-up! Ok, Cecile, name something you do when you're alone that you wouldn't do in front of others.

Cecile: Oh wow. Walk around naked *blushes* What?? I like doing that when alone! LMBO!

*CJ: “Whooooooooohooo! YEAH, girl!”*

Mod: *off-mic* Would someone please escort Ms. Gabriel out of here? We’re trying to conduct a serious interview here and she’s just turning it into chaos! Thank you!

Mod: *back on mic* Sorry for the interruption, people. We’re back with Cecile now.

Mod: So Cecile, how many drinks does it take before you get drunk?

Cecile: Ohhh now this is a question... Try a lot... I am very good at holding my alcohol. I will run you broke before we find out that answer, lol!

Mod: Do you have any strange phobias?

Cecile: Yeah... I have to have things straight, clean and organized. OCD kicks in ~ it is a must.

Mod: Alright, Cecile, one final question. Do you want to bring sexy back?

Cecile: Hell Yeah... I am Sexy!!!!!! (((roflmbo!!!!!))) Now where is CJ!!!! It is drink time!!!

*CJ: (Heard faintly pounding on the studio door) Hey, I heard that! You just said you wanted to bring me back! *the door bursts open* Alright! Sexy’s back. Now let’s have a drink, girlies!


Thank you, Cecile for visiting with us today! This "show" would not have been half what it is without you! You can visit Cecile and her faboulous blog here: ALL I WANT AND MORE!

And a special thanks to all our awesome guests.

TO BOTH AUTHORS AND WRITERS: Read the first two posts on this page to find out how you can win fabulous prizes by posting and commenting away on my blog today!


Be sure to check out past authors that I've hosted here on the blog, and have a read or two from exerpts of my novel "To Stand with Angels".

Thanks again, people! It's been an absolute pleasure!


  1. CJ, let me say what a pleasure it is to be here today!! Thank you so much for asking me to come over and play!!!!
    I hope everyone has as much fun as we had doing this interview!! Things this fun should be against the law...
    Thanks again!!!!

  2. I loved every minute of it, Cecile! You totally rocked that interview. I'm thinking this is going to have to be a monthly thing!! (Just kidding...maybe....) ;)

    Of course, I have to figure out how to get my stupid blog pre-set to post properly. I think I missed a few visitors, who ended up having to comment on my stupid "Random Questionare". *blushes* Sorry, guys!!

    Anyway, C, it's been fun, & it's been real, & it's been REAL FUN!!!

    Xoxoxoxoxo! Love ya, girl!


  3. OMG, are you kidding me! It was awesome! It felt strange being on the other side of the questions...

    A monthly thing huh... lol... Well.. yeah.. we might have to turn the tables on you.. hee heee!!! At your own place!! ** Starts to think of evil plan**

    Will be back!!!!Maaawwwhhhaawwww

  4. Hi Cecile and CJ,
    I had to come by and cheer for my fav smutty hussy, aye, she sure owns that brand name.

    One great interview, and no hot teacher, how sad :( Poor thing ;)

  5. **waves to Blodeuedd**

    Hey honey! Yeah, I know how sad is that... I never once had a hot teacher! **pouts** It was not fair I tell you!

    Aww honey, thank you for the compliment! I do try my hardest to be the Smutty Hussy and bring you guys the best!!! Thanks for coming over! Ohhh and don't forget to head up for the contest..... It is international.. I will have to post that!

  6. Hi Cecile, CJ and the poor Moderator who had to "try" and keep this under control. *BG* loved it, want more of it and next time Cecile make up a hot teach, it makes for a more interesting background in school!!

    jackie b central texas

    BTW yes googling Cecile Smutty Hussy is very interesting! "Wags eyebrows"

  7. Hello Cecile Smutty Hussy and CJ

    You ladies did a fabulous interview.
    And no LOL Cecile,you will be watching Big Brother this summer,since CM is repeats :)

    you are my kind of gals...seriously CJ you got kicked out of your own


  8. Out of all these funny & fabulous Q&A's, what really pops out for me?? "Friesian stallions" I was like; Hey, HEY! Isn't that like, you know, the english version of our province Friesland!? I just had to google; The Friesian (also Frisian) is a horse breed originating in Friesland, a province of the Netherlands.

    I saw pics of these horses and *thud* When I was 7 I wanted a barbie doll horsy just like that, with all the pretty wavy hair LOL

    Cecile, girl, why am I not surprised your smutty hussy ruled and made us all laugh our booties off. CJ and Mod, I loved this interview!!

    Now I'm going to sit comfy on the sofa, isn't there any man-candy walking around here to offer me something nice to drink?? Anyone? Hellooooo. Please, I iz thirsty *coughs with parched throat*

  9. Hi Cecile and CJ!

    That was a lot of fun....fantastic interview girls! Cecile is the best!! :)

  10. Jackie!! Hey honey!! OH man, this was one fun interview! And yeah, I kinda felt bad (giggling) for CJ during the interview part with Mod, lol!! We gave her hell!
    Yeah... I know... no hot teacher.. I was trying to keep it real... but who knows you might see a "story" at my place about that one day!! Big grins!! Hugs and thanks for coming honey!!!
    Humm.. will have to google myself! LMBO!

    Elaing8!! Hey honey! I was wondering when you were getting here! =) Thank you for coming!
    OKay okay... Big Brother.. we will see, lol... CM is always repeats for me... But ohhhh my hottie though!! Both of them will miss me if I do not watch! LOL!

    Leontine!!! Hey honey!!!!!!! I am so glad you could make it!
    Heee heee... I do try to make you smile or giggle!!! And I am glad to know that I did my job!!!

    And yes.. you are right... I thought I brought one of my Tribal men over here... but I guess I kept them hidden... I will have to get with CJ about this.. and see what we can find.. for now.. How about we play with Caleb until we find someone... heehheee....

    Caleb baby... Get Leontine a drink!! And make sure she is satisfied.... **eyes Leontine...**

    **Waves at Blanche** Thanks for coming over honey!! It is nice to be surrounded by your friends!!! Thank you hon!!

  11. Thank you all for coming to my wacky blog! I know, I know...I got kicked out of my own blog interview at the end, but it was worth it, and it was fun (and funny) as HELL to do this great show with Cecile. The girl is one of my new role models for sure!

    Thanks again for coming. I'm enjoying getting to know all you crazy chicks!



  12. Hi Cecile, CJ.
    I went to Cecile's blog to tell her she has won something on my blog. Well I should have known, I would have to hunt the hussy down LOL. I totally enjoyed every min of doing just that!
    This was fun, I like reading Cecile on the otherside. Hope it was fun for you.

    It was very nice to meet you also C.J.

  13. OMG! So fabulously funny, and smokin' interview chicas! had me lmao, grrrl.. CJ, you is one crazy chica.. *grins* and I'm sooo glad I dropped in to check out the zaniness. XD

    CJ, if your writing is as crazy as you are I'm checkin your stuff out! =)

    *blows kisses & waves* Laters!!

  14. Laurie (BittenbyParanormalRomance) Hey honey! I am so glad that I had you track me down, lol!!! Wasn't it worth it!! Haahaaa!!!! Thank you for coming over! =)
    Hunt the hussy down... that makes me giggle!!! LOL!
    I am glad that you enjoyed the interview, it was a blast to do!!
    Redd!!! Hey honey!! I am so glad that you came over! Thank you for your kind words honey!! Awww....
    I am also glad that I could make you LMAO!!!! Wasn't it fun!! Hugs and kisses to ya honey!!! Thanks for coming!

  15. Hey girlz!!!!! What great entertainment for my lunch break! Thanks so much for making me snort my tea. LOL

    As for the hot teacher... you can borrow mine! We had an senior year english teacher that looked like Richard Gere! At least that is what I thought when I was 17.

    Have a great day and keep it smutty!

    BTW - I am not entering the contest, just saying hi!

  16. Laurie: I'm glad the "hunt" was worth it!

    Redd: My writing is pretty unusual, I'd have to admit. But I think that Cecile made this blog post what it is...I just added some spice!

    Thanks for coming by girls!



  17. And Sweet Z! Thanks for visiting. Glad we made your lunch break fun...and sorry about making tea come out your nose. That happened to me with milk once, and IT WAS NOT PLEASANT. MAybe we should have put a "Laughter Warning Advisory" at the begining... ;)



  18. Sweet... my love! Thanks for comin over and showing some love!! And tea!!! You know you have made my day by telling me that!!!!!!!

    And a teacher like Richard Gere... Oh dear heavens I wish!!!!

  19. Thanks for sending Caleb over Cecile, he was just what the doctor needed to unwind from the day :) I'm actually trying to gather the courage to enter the giveaway, was i correct to assume i need to write some sort of blurb of my most sexiest experience evah?

  20. Hey Leontine! You can write either your sweetest romantic interlude (for the more shy contest entrants...or your steamiest (for all you bold chicas out there who love the smuttier things in life!). We'll choose winners from both categories! So you just post whatever you feel you want to!

    And good luck!

  21. Hi, Cecile, CJ and Monika. What a great interview. Fast and wild!

    I'm also a Victoria Secrets girl, but when I want to slut it up, I tend to go more for Fredericks. :) Of course, it's not the lingerie, it's how you fill it out. *giggle*

  22. Hi CJ and Cecile,
    Thanks for this very entertaining interview! I love how you all get girly and giggling. :)
    CJ has a very fun and welcoming place here, so thank you Cecile for sending me here!!

  23. Bravo! Much enjoyed. Well done to all concerned. It was still loud with the sound off.

  24. Cute and fun!
    I enjoyed the back and forth banter of the interview.



  25. Leontine, some how I knew you needed Caleb today! Just like your men at your place... mine know just what to do to help you unwind!!!
    And I can not wait to read about your tale with hubs!!!!

  26. Mary C! Hi there!! It is so nice to meet you, thank you for coming over! This was a very fun interview with CJ... girlie and giggles... oh we had a lot of that.. Especially when we got to the Victoria Secret story!!! OH what fun!!
    And you are sooooooo right.. Victoria Secret... or Fredricks.. I will take either!! Although there a few things at Fredricks that I can not see VS carrying, lol....
    Thanks for coming!

  27. Janna!! Hey honey! You made it!! I feel so special!!!! Thanks for coming over! I am surely glad you enjoyed the interview!!!! I had a blast!!! And girl, you know I love returning the favor of meeting new authors!!!
    Thanks for coming! Hugs to you honey!

    Mr. V!! Why thank you for stopping on over to day! It is always nice to see dear friends! And I am glad that you enjoyed the interview... =)

    MsM!! Hey honey! Thanks for coming on over here!!!!! You guys make this worth while!! TO be surrounded by friends... and chatting it up! This was such fun to do!!!

  28. Hey Mary~ Fredrick's is my dirty little secret...I so hear you on that. ;)

    ErotRom~ I'm glad Cecile invited you today, too! Glad you like the blog...I was kinda worried that the omnious background wouldn't go well with Cecile's interview...but apparently there was no interference!

    Valance~ Thanks for dropping're a brave soul to show up with all these crazy ladies around. You deserve a prize just for that!

    MsM~ Cecile made the whole interview so much fun. We just went back and forth until we had a full, funny peice. I loved every minute of it..I wish all interviews were this much fun!

  29. What an entertaining interview! Cecile, you made my day by putting me down as one of your favorites! Now I'm going to go have some ice cream. You all made me hungry for sweets! ;)

  30. Hey Cassidy!!!! Of course you are there!!! Ohhh hungry for desserts.... Caleb.... I am off to find my man... he has lots *wink wink* of desserts!!!
    Thanks for coming over Cas!!! It is great to see you here!!

  31. Been there, with a little story :)

    Love the background CJ, really pretty

  32. You gals sure know how to release the "crazy" in readers. This whole interview is begging the wild side of me to come out. The other four or five of me will stay out of her way. Wheee.
    Fun, fun, fun.

  33. Blodeuedd~ Thankx for the props on the background!

    Lorie~ You crack me up. And I'll stay out of the way of all six of you, girl!

    Cassidy~ It's ice to meet you! Any friend of Cecile's is a friend of mine. Welcome to the blog!

  34. Hi CJ and Cecile,

    Fun interview - you had me cracking up a few times... Cecile you should be bottled, you are a smutty hussy...

    Love your dream car... and I agree with you on thos Herbal Essence shampoo, I so want one of those models..


  35. Oh my...what a fun interview! You made ma laugh!
    This is a new place for me but I'm sure to be coming back =)

  36. Sweetness! I always love to have new people in my life!

    Thanks for dropping by, Patte. I'm glad we made you laugh. That's what we want to hear here!

  37. Oops! And thank you for coming by, too, E.H. Don't know how I missed your post!

  38. You're welcome, Cecile. I wouldn't have missed it.

    My pleasure, CJ. I enjoyed it. Brave? Maybe, but it ain't the first time I've been surrounded by a bunch of clucking females lately. Pleased to 'meet' you.

  39. Lorrie! No use in keeping them all bottled up!! Girl, let me out to have some fun with us!!! That is what we are here for!!

    Erotic Horizon!!! Hey honey, thanks for coming over! I am so glad to hear that I could crack you up honey!!! Bottle me up you say... hummm.. Tie maybe.. bottle... my hips would not fit!! LMBO!
    Oh and thank you on the dream car.. Yeah, that is my baby.. if ever! Oh yeah.. Herbal Essence.. I WANT THAT to happen to me!

    Caroline *pattepoilue*!! Hey honey!!!! Ohh thank you for coming over!!! You know I aim to make you laugh!!! And Blush!!! =)

    CJ, Mr. V can handle his own when it comes to us women!! Believe, I have seen these man handle quiet a few at a time, lmbo. That so does not sound right, lol!

    Mr. V~ I am just glad you came Mr. V!

  40. 'I am just glad you came Mr. V!'

    You got a wonderful way of putting things Cecile. (Shh!)

  41. Well you know... I am a Smutty Hussy! What can I say.....

  42. You two and your dirty insinuations!! Am I gonna have to make the Mod come in here??? LMAO!!! =P

  43. Heee heeee... Hum... That would make that a foursome.... LOL!!!!! Be careful for what you ask for!!!

  44. LMAO!! Cecile, you are too much, girlie!
    >^.^< MEeeeeeeeoooow!

  45. That was a fun interview and if I could only stop laughing I'll be able to write more.

  46. Thanks C.J.! You have a great blog:)

  47. LMAO! This was fabulous! It was fun learning so much about Cecile!

    Cecile, you know I'm right there with you on the loving Criminal Minds. When will Morgan and Reid realize they are in love with each other? *Sigh*

  48. ROFL you guys were in rare form today loved it!!! BIG HUGS to my favorite Hussy! You are something else girls!

  49. LMBO you ladies are great! I don't see how y'all sit here with such wild abandon, sigh, Im just jealous!


  50. C.J., girl you did know what you were getting into with me!!! Hahaahaha!!!!!! I love the meow!!

    Dru! Oh gosh, I am so glad to hear that you loved the interview and you could not stop laughing!! That makes me smile!!! =)
    I am glad you came over honey!!!!

    Cassidy Hunter... you peeking back in!!! LOL!!! Thanks for peeking in honey!

    Eyre! Hey honey! Now I know if I can make you laugh, I have really done my job for the day!!!! LOL!
    Oh girl... I wanted for you to bring that up!!! Oh gosh those are my two men!! Damn a sandwich between those two.. Okay I know.. I know... those two together!

    JennJ! Hey honey I was hoping you would get here!!! Hugs to you hon! Oh it was a rare form the whole time we did this interview! It was fun!!!! I love my hussy hug!!

    Heather D! Hey honey! Thanks for making it out here!!!! Oh honey do not be jealous.... Girl... go braless... okay maybe not, But you can be the same way!!!! Love ya hon! Thanks for coming here!!! Hugs to you!

  51. Hey Cecile! You finally made it!!! Great interview!

    Hugs from another VS fan :)

  52. Thank you all for coming out! Your support and enthusiasm are absolutely breath-taking. It's awesome that all of you love Cecile so much! I feel blessed to have met her..and by extension, you all!

    I hope you all havea marvelous week! Can't wait for the next show Cecile and I put together. It's going to be so much fun!

    Hugs to all of you, and thanks again!


  53. Hey!

    I'm late to the party, but I enjoyed all the gossip!

    Gosh Cecile...all these little things about you I didn't know! LOL...

    Great interview!

  54. Hey Hawk! It is good to see you here!!! Honey you know anytime you can make it, I will take ya!!
    Oh honey, thank you for your kind words!!!
    Love ya hon!