Tuesday, June 1, 2010

CJ: Hello, Maggie, Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to talk to us today. We’re excited to have you here!

Q: So, first of all, we want to know about your latest novel. What can you tell us about Angel of Windword?

Hi, CJ! Thanks so much for inviting me here today and giving me a chance to talk about Angel of Windword. Angel is my first novel, a historical romance, and delicious love story with a murder set at the turn of the century France and England during the time of Queen Victoria and the coronation of her son, King Edward VII.

Q: I think everyone would love to know what inspired this particular novel. Can you tell us about that?

I’m not sure what inspired me to write Angel of Windword. I guess every historical romance I ever read. I love them! I wanted to write the novel that I wanted to read. I also love mysteries so I decided to incorporate a mystery into Angel.

Q: I’m dying to know more about the Main Characters of your novel. Can you give us a brief description of each?

Nicholas Kent is my hero. Angelique Beauvisage, my heroine. Nicholas, of course, is every woman’s dream…tall, gorgeous, sexy, witty and not at all interested in marriage. Angelique is beautiful and strong of will and most determined to marry another man. Neither one wants their marriage of convenience and neither one knows of the dangers that lie ahead. Their romance was quite fun to write.

Q: Okay, I’m a huge fan of quotes taken from novels. Would you tell us one of your favorites quotes from Angel of Windword?

My favorite quote from Angel of Windword is when Angelique is furious with Nicholas and she feels that she has lost everything:

“Take your best shot, monsieur. Relish your revenge. You set out to humiliate me right from the start. This is my Waterloo!”
A flash of amusement crossed his features as Nicholas caught her hand in midair. “Don’t be so melodramatic, sweetheart.” His grin deepened. “You haven’t lost France. You’ve only gained a husband.”

I loved that quote too! Angelique and Nicholas clash so well together. Ok, now a little about you. When did you decide to write your first novel?

I know that it sounds cliché but I wrote it as a dare. For years, I loved reading romance, but never dreamed that I could write a novel. One day a friend dared me to write a historical romance and I began to write. The plot and characters just came to me. My friend wrote one, too. We had a blast critiquing our stuff. I put away the manuscript away for years and took it out of my closet when my kids went off to college. I revamped it and sent it out for publication. I was never more excited than when I received a contract from Eternal Press.

Q: Do you have a system or particular ritual you do before/ during writing to keep the words flowing?

Not really, but I like the house all picked up and I like my cup of coffee in front of me…and most importantly I like to write in the mornings when my head is clear.

Q: What do you find the easiest part about writing? The hardest?

The easiest part of writing for me is the dialogue and the plot. The hardest is the blank page. My plot and dialogue come easy for me…but staring at the blank page and getting the scene started is the hardest part.

Q: We all know writers spend a great deal of time researching. Can you tell us one of the most interesting things you’ve discovered while doing research for your writing?

The most interesting thing that I found is that a lady’s first name is hardley ever used once she marries. Even her husband addresses her formally. Of course, in romance novels we throw that rule out of the window.

Q: If you could physically visit the world in any book, which book would it be and why?

Hands down. Whitney, My Love by Judith McNaught. I would love to spend the day with Clayton Westmoreland! Just one day…that is all I would need. Gone With The Wind would come a close second…I can assure you that if I had been Scarlett O’Hara…Rhett would have given a damn!

Q: What one work of fiction do you think has made the biggest impact on your life? How?

Gone With The Wind…definitely!

Q: Last question before we wrap this interview up. Please finish this sentence in a way that best describes you, for us. “People would be surprised to know that I...

love to sing and would have loved to perform in Broadway.” Speaking of Broadway, I once shared a tiny two-stalled bathroom in a New York City restaurant with both Lily Tomlin and Lauren Becall. If I didn’t know any better I would have thought that I was in the middle of some crazy dream.

CJ: Thank you, again for visiting with us, Maggie. I would invite all our guests to check out Angel of Windword by Maggie Dove on sale at:

Eternal Press (EBook)

Paperback and Kindle available now at Amazon!

Below is an excerpt from Maggie’s novel, Angel of Windword. Please read on!

His thunderous expression softened. “Come closer.”

His eyes swept over her face as he caressed her cheek with the knuckle of his forehand. “I did not see her slap you, but your cheeks look burning hot. Answer something for me, Angelique” he ordered gruffly. “Has that woman ever hit you before?”

Angelique drank in the comfort of his nearness. His touch was soft and soothing. “Never,” she lied. “Victoria has never slapped me or hurt me. My lord, it was really my fault...I provoked her.”

He definitely will have his way with me and my place will be in his bed!

Mon Dieu! A guttural sound escaped her lips when she recalled her own words. She was not certain whether she was more distressed at having thrown those awful words at her stepmother or the dreadful possibility that Nicholas had actually overheard them.

Attempting to sound nonchalant, she stammered Victoria’s original question to him, “H-how long had you been standing there, monsieur? Did you...did you hear anything?” she asked in a faint whisper, her voice cracking with embarrassment.

“Hear what, my love?’ he asked innocuously.

“Monsieur, how long had you been standing there?” she repeated with mounting dread. Then gazing at him, she suddenly wished she had not asked. His dark blue eyes sparkled with complete understanding as he stood casually against the doorjamb, strong arms folded across his chest, a devil of a smile beginning to form on his face.

“How long, monsieur…?”

Nicholas did not wait for her to finish. Without another word, he pulled her into his arms and kissed her hard on the lips. Then, just as suddenly, he let go of her, allowing her to fall back against the doorpost.

“Long enough to know I’m going to enjoy those willful ways of yours. Not to mention putting you in that bed of mine.”

Her heart pounding fast against her heaving chest, Angelique watched in stunned silence as Nicholas turned on his heel and made his exit. She could still feel his warm lips against hers as his deep, masculine chuckles echoed in the hallway.


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  3. Thanks Margaret and Diane for stopping by! Yes, that Scarlette must have been crazy letting that man go! Lol!


  4. Wonderful interview ladies. I love that you wrote the novel you wanted to read - great advice! Great excerpt too!

  5. Thanks, Cate! I'm glad that you enjoyed it!


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