Monday, June 7, 2010

For Readers!

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In the meantime....
ROMANCE READERS: We want to hear your sweetest or steamiest real-life romance moment! So, tell us about it Cosmo-style! Two lucky people will win a PAPERBACK copy of my novel, "To Stand with Angels". Cecile is gonna pick a winner, herself, and she's handing out a mystery prize or two...

So step up, Ladies, and start telling us your most romantic moments!
Cecile has just let me in on her mystery gifts! ONE LUCKY WINNER will take BOTH! WhooHoo!
PRIZE #1: "Montana Legacy" by R.C. Ryan (oh, yeah, a book about my home state! Whoooot!)
PRIZE #2: "Knight of Pleasure" by Margaret Mallory


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  2. If you are picked as the winner and have those already, just let me know and maybe I can swap them with something you don't have!
    Thanks for coming over and playing with us!!!!!

  3. My most romantic moment I had was two weeks after my husband had two massive heart attacks. (he had two the same day) I was of course frantic, going backwards and forwards to the hospital while trying to sort out our daughter and school. I don't think I'd ever felt so devastated. My birthday came and it was the first time in 15 years that my husband and I had ever spent it apart. That morning the doorbell went and a man delivered a huge boquet of flowers, so beautiful I can't describe them. The card said simply, The only time I'll miss your birthday is when I'm dead!!! My husband had ordered and picked the boquet from his hospital bed, surrounded by drips and tubes, his only thought was for me to be happy. Thats romance for you.

  4. OH gosh.... My eyes have moisture in them... That is love!!! That is a very touching story! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Love the stories, girls. This is going to be a tough competition, I've a feeling!

    xo to Dottie and Margaret. Here's to True Love!


  6. **waves to Dottie**
    Thanks for coming over honey! And thank you for sharing!! Your hubs is soo sweet!

  7. I had a fight with my boyfriend. Other than his day job, he sang in clubs to earn extra money. That night, after our spat, he brought the whole band and serenaded me under my window. This happened at midnight, and not a neighbor complained. lol. And the same night, he proposed.

  8. Ok sweet or steamy, do not have any real stories. So perhaps I should just tell how I met my cutie.

    It was a normal day, I was surfing the web (duh), I went in on this site where a radio channel has a forum. I like read 2 blogposts a year. This day I saw that one recent post was about a birthday so checked that out. This guy had gotten some funny comedies. I like those so I commented. I saw his picture, and thought ugh. What ever a week later made me ask him out for a coffee I do not know. But I did, and the first time I saw him in real life my heart stopped and I thought he was the cutest guy I have ever seen.

    The rest is history. I guess that's fate.

  9. Awesome, Blodeuedd! I love the "how we meet" romance stories. It's like the setting to your "Love-life Novel", ya know?

  10. CJ
    Never thought about it like that :) But yes I guess it truly was. Makes me happy just thinking about it

  11. Lorrie!! Aww that is awesome!!! I can not believe no one complained!! That in itself is awesome!!!

    Blodeuedd!!!! How sweet is your story!!! Oh gosh, these are some sweet men we have out there huh...!!!

  12. I don't think I can tell my spicy story that fast, so bear with me!!

    It was the year of 1996, I would soon celebrate my 20th birthday, I was young, brazen and on top of the world in a size 6 or 8. The summer time arrived and I had been writing steamy letters with my future hubby (only I didn't know that at the time) We met, he was all chivalrous and always in for an adventure. I told him I would love a picnic together and he knew the exact place, the only thing he wanted from me was to wear "naughty lingerie". If I would do that, he would take care of the rest...

    So Saturday came, he had a picnic basket full of culinary delights that would tempt the taste buds and yes, I did as I was asked and wore "naughty lingerie". We went to a forest that crossed over to dunes and we selected a secluded spot among the trees but seeing the dunes at the same time. We talked, we flirted, soon-to-be-hubby told me he would like me to function as his lunch plate. In those days my brazen nature was all in for this kind of naughty play (who am I kidding, I still am LOL) and I stripped of my shoes, jeans an tee, revealing the red and pink bra and bikini panties I was wearing. I laid myself down on the blanket and there came out the grapes, whipped cream, peaches, honey and oh yes, he knew how to use his tongue to clean up after himself. So there I was, more then a little hot and bothered, soon-to-be-hubby going for grand finale when all of a sudden I was an insect i still consider created by Satan himself. Due to all the sweetness red fire ants invited themselves over...

    So we both ran like bats out of hell (almost nekkid) to the pond we came across as we walked to our picnic spot. We both took a plunge and I can tell ya, it was bliss. I can tell ya that we both love nature, and that later that summer we took it up on the dunes, in the sun, on the blanket and loved the wickedness of the moment but Hubby and I will never forget our first experience in the more naughty ventures and we both hiss as we remember the sting of the fire ants :(

    Was that sexy? hhmmm perhaps not, but it made me laugh and it was the first memory that popped in my mind.

    A more romantic one: When I heard from the OBGYN that we used all our chances to get pregnant via IVF without a positive result (we have so many chances covered by insurance before we have to pay, which is immense) I think I was simply dumbfound and numb. Hubby set up a date where we went to the restaurant of our first date, we walked to the place where we took our wedding pictures and there he told me that he fell in love with me so many years ago, that it was me he wanted to grow old with, he gave me his wedding vows again and said: I chose you to spent my life with, and it is you that has my heart. I don't need anything more then that to grow old happily. I can tell you all, I cried a bucket of tears as we sat there, on the same bench we took a wedding picture off on 4-2-2002. My hubby isn't perfect but his love is stronger then oak and all I ever want :)

  13. Leontine... I laughed and cried with post... OH man... That is too funny.. and how clever your hon is with that tongue..... You lucky girl!!!!!

    The red ants just wanted a nibble to!!!! LMBO!!!!!

  14. Leontine~ LOVED your stories. The ants killed me...isn't that just like life. No romantic inlterlude is completely without it's littel hitches! Too funny.

    And my congrats on the man...sounds like a treat indeed! ;)

  15. Hey Cecile,
    Wat up girlfriend! *grin*

    I don't really have any romantic stories to add...the last time I even attempted dating... they were total right now I'm in hibernation. *boring I know* but it's what I need right now.


  16. Hey Cecile and CJ! I am not even going to try and top some of these stories. I have laughed and cried...yes literally cried Im such a sap!...I do not envy you one bit in having to try and choose the winner!

    I will tell you a little something about me and the hubby though. Our running joke is that he was a joke and a I was a favor. My sister convinced me to move to IOwa with her. Her new husband (now ex) decided he was going to have a dinner party and said he was going to hook me up. I was in no hurry to start dating in a new city just out of a 3 yr relationship. So I told Dan no way, I will take my daughter to a movie and you guys have a good night. Dan then said he was joking he was not trying to set me up.
    Hubby got a messaged from Dan saying Hey Do me a favor...That is where my husband likes to leave off. the whole message actually said Hey do me a favor and call me back.
    So technically we were a blind date. After everyone left it was just Ron (My hubby), my sister and her husband and myself. We decided we would play some cards...which in my family always leads to drinking. Long story short we were inseparable from that night on. Our early stages remind me of the movie "Fools Rush In" except he wasn't a one night stand, but I did get pregnant very shortly after we met... I know shame on me!!! The morning I told him I was pregnant I cried and cried. The whole time he held me and said we would work it out and get through this bump in the road. I refused to get married...ok I didn't refuse but I didn't want to get married because of the baby. But when he handed me a cross word puzzle (that he created) when I was 6 mos pregnant with our son, that I needed all the help I could get to answer, It had as an answer "Heather Will YOu Marry Me" I could not say no... I cried b/c Im a sap and he handed me my engagement ring. Thankfully he caught it all on video!

  17. Anna! Hey honey!!!! Girl what have you been up too!!! It is going seeing you here! Thanks for coming over! It means a lot to me that you came over! Girl, hibernation is sometimes the best thing a person can do for themselves!

    Heather D!!!!! OH gosh.... honey, your story had me in tears!!!!!!!!! Girl that is an amazing story!!

    CJ, I do not evny you in picking the winners here!!! Evil laughter! These ladies left you with some awesome stories!!!

  18. Wow! These were some awesome posts, ladies! I'll be posting the winners of the contest a little later today!

    Hugs to you all!