Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Kyle Bodeen…The “To Stand with Angels” character inspired by Josh Holloway.

Cool green eyes? Check.
Sweet, southern charm? Check
Golden mane and silver tongue? Check-check.
A smile to melt your insides and a body to turn any saint into a sinner? Oh, yeah.

Kyle Bodeen was the first, and main, character to be “cast” in my novel, “To Stand with Angels”. Inspired by Josh Holloway’s character, “James ‘Sawyer’ Ford” (of ABC’s “Lost”), Kyle possesses the mannerisms and personality traits that make him much the devilishly handsome, yet mysterious and possibly villainous, character that Mr. Holloway portrayed toward the beginning of the series (though, we all know he was an absolute doll in the end).

Is Kyle a doll? No so much. From the start, he is a charmer. Cool, sophisticated, and well dressed, he comes to town and takes Laramie by storm. He isn’t in that Wild Western, god-forsaken city an hour before he’s solicited as an assasin by Liam Briggs and managed to seduce Liam's girl, Contessa Lang, behind his back.

Contessa falls for Kyle hard, regardless of the danger she puts his life in, should she stir up Liam’s jealous rage. But she needn’t worry. Kyle can take care of himself…

Liam Brigg’s may be “To Stand with Angels- Villain You Love to Hate”, but Kyle Bodeen is this novel’s “Bad-Boy You Can’t Help but Love”… of course, that's just until the fangs come out and his true nature is revealed!

Kyle’s Memorable Quotes:

“I don’t shoot men in the back, Briggs. It’s uninspiring and tasteless to me.”

“A man that lets you wander around dressed like that, in a place like this, alone? He must be pretty jealous alright… or completely insane. I wouldn’t let you a minute out of my sight if you were my woman. Who’s your man? Liam Briggs?”

“You hire guns to kill all your enemies, do ya, Briggs?”

“That boy was too impulsive and reckless. If it hadn’t been you, he would have picked a fight with some other gunslinger and still would have gotten his idiot head blown off. His kind lives to die for foolish reasons.”

“It must be torture to have a soul that remembers every wicked thought and every vile sin.”

“Hello, Liam. What can I do for you? ...Besides your woman, of course.”


  1. Do you know what first caught my eye. The book cover! I am drawn to covers before the blurb even gets a look in. I love this cover and it's that which would inspire me to read the back. The excerpt is compelling. A good choice. Glad I popped over now :-)

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  3. Thanks, Margaret! I think Dawne did a fantastic job on the cover!