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Join me in welcoming, J.E. Taylor!

CJ: Hi, J.E. Taylor, it’s great to have you here today! Thank you for taking the time to chat with us for a bit.

JET: Thanks for having me on your blog again!

Q: Well, obviously, your novel, SURVIVAL GAMES is the main reason you’re here today. What can you tell us about this exciting new release?

JET: SURVIVAL GAMES is an edgy erotic thriller and the first book in the Games Trilogy that was released this week from eXcessica publishing and received a 4 star review from Manic Readers: “This book had it all, and even though I started off not knowing if I would truly like the content, I was blown away by how honest, true, emotional, and frightening it really was. J.E. Taylor has spun a story that is sure to catch reader’s attention and hold it until the last page. If you are looking for a story that will keep you on the edge, make your toes curl from the eroticism, and make you feel love and sorrow, then I would highly suggest SURVIVAL GAMES. I can’t wait to read the other two books in what is to be a wonderful trilogy. Bravo Ms. Taylor!” - Manic Readers
John Everson, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of The 13th and SIREN called it "Sexy dark and intense, SURVIVAL GAMES will bind you to the page, kiss you slowly and then kick you where it hurts the most; I couldn't stop reading until I knew who won the game . . . Jessica Connor is one amazing character, and SURVIVAL GAMES is one hot read!"
"With SURVIVAL GAMES, J.E. Taylor has given us a work of remarkable duality, almost biblical in its layered
themes of good versus evil. The seed of this story is one of romance and destiny, but the husk is unadulterated
thriller." - Willsin Rowe

Here’s the back cover jacket copy to give the gist of the story. . .

Until he snatches sexy stock jock Jessica Connor, Ty Aris happily followed his step-brother’s orders, producing some of the most coveted black market porn and snuff films on the street. But the day he grabs her in the parking lot, his life becomes a living nightmare.

Jessica foils his plans, fires his passion, and frustrates the hell out of him. She never gives in to his demands, his pleas or his desires, and yet a psychic bond claims his soul and melts the iron walls around his heart. His obsession sparks a fierce rift when Frank wants to start filming. Ty stalls with any and every excuse in the book, fueling Frank’s fury, but he knows it’s only a matter of time before he loses this game.

With the clock ticking, he scrambles for escape options.

Options that won’t land him in jail . . . or worse . . . a captive in Frank’s sadistic prison.

Q: I think everyone, including me, wants to know more about the Main Characters in your novel. Can you give us a description of them?

JET: While Steve Williams from DARK RECKONING is my white knight, Ty Aris is my dark angel. Polar opposites in quite a few ways but deep down, under the bad boy exterior, Ty has some semblance of honor. And that honor builds after he abducts Jessica Connor. Her influence on him -- over him -- changes the course of his life and causes him to rebel against his step-brother’s deadly games.

Q: Do your characters have any fun habits or memorable flaws? Can you tell us a little about them?

JET: Ty Aris has a scar on his face that he got when he was a kid. He thinks it makes him less attractive, less desirable - but in reality, it doesn’t inhibit the man’s sex appeal. Whenever he walks into a room, the women perk right up.

Q: What makes your characters unique? Why will we fall in love with them?

JET: Jessica is an impressive woman. She’s been abducted and shown her fate in the form of a string of videos and yet she doesn’t crumble. Even as a prisoner, she exhibits kindness and grace along with stubborn resolve and that’s what gets Ty in the end. One of her most unique qualities is the ability to telepathically communicate with her eight year old son, Eric. He is her lifeline in so many ways and that link strengthens her resolve and gives her hope in what appears to be a hopeless situation. She also has a few other unique characteristics that I’ll leave for the reader to discover.

Q: I am a fan of memorable quotes. Do you have any favorites from SURVIVAL GAMES?

JET: “Dude, you got issues.” is by far my favorite line in the book. I don’t know if anyone else will find the humor in that line the way I did when I wrote it but I always get a chuckle when I re-read it. Of course my other favorite line is the tag line I adopted for the series -- “Game on.”

Q: Tell us a little about yourself. What inspired you to write?

JET: My daughter inspired me to get my act in gear and go for it. I first sat down to seriously write in February of 2007 after she asked if I could do anything what would it be. From that moment on, I haven’t looked back. I’ve published five short stories between December of 2008 and today in Niteblade and Allegory e-zines and have three more queued up for eXcessica anthologies in 2011 and 2012. My latest short story ABYSS can be found under the staff submissions at Allegory ( Beyond short stories, I have four books that are in the publishing wheel - two of which are now published and the last two in the Games series will be out at the end of November and the middle of February next year. I’m working on polishing the other four books that are on my shelves and that will complete the first eight books that I wrote in those first eighteen months of writing.

Q: Is there one particular thing you have to do in order to “get in the groove” before/during writing?

JET: I really have no method to my madness here. I get an idea and I go with it. I let the story rule the direction. I do noodle on the ideas before I write. Hell, the eight books I wrote between February of 2007 and August of 2008 were percolating as far back as high school. So those just poured out. The newer ideas are coming at a more human pace now since I’ve purged the lion share from the brain banks. As I said, there’s really no method I have in place, no motto except - JUST WRITE. Sometimes that produces crap - other times it doesn’t and those eight manuscripts have undergone some serious edits since the first brain dump. I’m still working my way through them - refining the last four into a publishable state.

Q: If you could be a fictional character for one day, who would you be? Why?

JET: Superman because I’ve always thought it would be cool to fly, never mind being virtually indestructible. I mean super strength, x-ray vision, super speed and flight - who wouldn’t want to be Superman for a day?

Q: If your book were made into a movie, who would direct it?

JET: Quentin Tarantino - and you’d be amused to know I had a dream that he called to talk about a movie deal. I can tell you, I was quite disappointed when my alarm went off.

Q: Ok, one last question before we let you go today, J.E. Taylor. Finish this sentence in a way that best describes you: “People would be surprised to know that…”
JET: I used to take the dirty words and scenes out of movies for the local FOX affiliate in Hartford. I’ve got a degree in communications with a concentration in television and radio broadcasting and this was my first job out of college.

CJ: I want to thank you, again, for visiting with us today, J.E. Taylor. Before you go, I’m sure you want to give us a little excerpt of your novel and some links to where our readers can find out more about you and SURVIVAL GAMES.

Ty watched her and with every beat of his heart, his arm answered with a throb. When she dropped a cloth in the sink and turned on the water, he raised an eyebrow. He hardly felt the swipes of the washcloth. Her gentle touch stirred his need, taking it to the edge of boiling over.
“Do you believe in redemption?” He asked again.
She didn’t say anything at first, just continued to clean his wound. “I don’t know.” She finally said after silence settled between them.
“Why are you doing this?” He asked, pointing his chin at her.
She shrugged. “Because you’re hurt and it’s in my nature to help.”
“My nature is much darker,” he said.
She didn’t say anything but nodded.
He reached his good arm around her waist closing the minimal distance between them. “Much darker,” he whispered in his sexy voice and crushed her mouth and her lips parted allowing him access to the sweet depths. He plunged his tongue inside, tasting her, relishing the slow circles of the exquisite tongue dance. Pulling her closer, the kiss deepened, stirring the molten lava flowing through him, his bloody arm forgotten in the wake of the building sensual heat.

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eXcessica Author Page: (to purchase either paperback or ebook)
You can also find Survival Games on Amazon, Smashwords and several other online vendors.


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