Friday, July 2, 2010

I want to welcome Stephanie Beck!

Hi, Stephanie! It’s great that you could be with us today!
Thanks so much for having me on this fine July Friday.

So tell us, first of all, the name of your newest novel and what it’s about.

Right at this moment, Poppy’s Passions is the first, newest and naughtiest novel I have available. It’s a ménage romance novel about three sexy brothers and the woman they love. The story is a mix of sweet and spicy with a dash ‘oh heck I think the second line means I’m pregnant’.

If you could sum up your writing in one sentence, what would you say?

I would say that my writing is a lot like me: sweetly real, playful and at times surprisingly inventive (my husband loves that last one).

Describe your favorite scene from your novel.

My favorite scene is when Poppy forgives her men after embarrassing her at the doctor’s office. I think all women have had to put up with the loves in their lives even when they’d rather beat them in the head with a shovel. Poppy is no different in that sense.

Do you have a favorite quote from (Novel Title Here)? Poppy’s Passions

That’s a hard one, but there is a smart ass in the story and his name is Trevor Paraby. He has some of the best lines and always cracks me up. He shares his opinion on water.

“We know how to swim,” Trevor grumped. “We just don’t like to. If I have to be in water, I want it hot and bubbling with boobs bouncing at my chin.”

When did you decide that you were going to become a writer? Was it a landmark decision, or a more gradual one?

I’ve been writing stories since I was fifteen, but it was last summer that I decided I was going to try my hand at being published. I think it had always been in the back of my mind, but it was gradual, like I had to talk myself into trying. I’m glad I did.

Who influences you the most in your writing?

Hm, good question. There was one person for sure who gave me my first big writing advice and I have always kept it in mind. My granddad used to read the notebooks I wrote my stories in when I was a teenager. I was always horrified because they were sexy stories, and well, he was my granddad. He told me once that the story I’d written would have been pretty good if I’d left out all the kissing. So since then, I’ve tried to make sure anything I wrote could stand without the sexy stuff.

In the course of researching for your writing, have you come across any fun or interesting facts that you’d like to share with us today?

My very favorite piece of research gold happened when I was researching animals. I learned that there is a breed of duck that mates in midair and has a 13 foot long penis. That nugget of knowledge made my week.

Have you ever had writer’s block? How did you cope?

I have had it before and whined on Facebook and was told to shut up and relax. Amazingly, that worked. Now when I feel a block coming on, I take a break and knit for a while. If I keep reading, writing and knitting on a rotation I find that I don’t run into as many walls.

What’s your favorite thing to do when not writing?

Other than wife and mommy business, my other favorite things are knitting, baking and painting lawn gnomes.

Name something that you’d do alone but never in front of other people?

Ha, I’m a wee bit outrageous so there’s not much I won’t do in front of others. Something I don’t enjoy doing in front of others is reading my work aloud. I always trip over my little errors.

If you could be a movie star for one day, who would you be?

Who is making out with George Clooney these days on the big screen? He’s old enough to be my dad, but for that one day I would be happy to overlook that fact and be his leading lady.

Finally, finish this sentence. People would be surprised to know that…

Contrary to popular belief, I do wear underwear on nearly a daily basis…nearly.

CJ: I want to thank you again, for coming out to be on the blog today. Before you go, please be sure to give us a taste of your novel, and a link or two so we can all go buy it!

It's on sale at Lyrical Press!

Rated R Promo Excerpt:
She could see it, visualize the explosion of feelings and pleasure as it gathered, and she lifted to him with more urgency, grinding her clit to his pelvis when he was at his deepest. So close. He wore a condom but she could feel him finish in the jerk of his body, the pulse of him throbbing inside her just before she climaxed.
“Cody!” she wailed, so close to coming, the frustration drawing tears. “Please!”
“It’s okay, baby girl, we’ll take care of you.”
She shoved herself up to her elbows when another voice pierced the room. Cody was out of her and lying on his side next to her, barely winded from his efforts.
“This is all up to you, baby. I’ll take care of you or Trevor and Michael can join us, but it’s your decision,” he murmured, kissing her ears and the shallow places beneath them as he continued to tease her engorged clit with his slippery finger.
She trembled and ached with unsatisfied desire. Her tortured body was screaming at her mind to hurry the hell up and make a decision. Standing in the doorway, their chests bared, but jeans firmly in place, it was impossible for her not to want Michael and Trevor. Cody was beside her, keeping her on edge and doing something incredibly erotic to the crook of her elbow with his tongue.
“Did you plan this?” she croaked, helplessly arching into Cody but he wouldn’t finish.
“Maybe a little,” he admitted. “It’s still up to you though, darlin’. I meant what I said earlier. You decide what you want. Trevor can be in you in about four seconds, and Michael’s wanted to get his mouth on your pretty breasts since the first night he saw you.”
She moaned in answer and fell back onto her shoulder blades, her resistance gone at the sweetly erotic words. “Yes, both of you, hurry.” She grabbed Cody’s hand when he tried to back off again. “You. Quit teasing.”


  1. Wow... okay.. going get some water then I will be back Whew!!

    It is a pleasure to meet you Stephanie! Welcome!!!
    it is always nice to meet new people!
    Hope all is well!

  2. Hi CJ! Thanks so much for having me. Interviews are always so much fun.

  3. Whoo! Steamalicious! What a fun interview! Leah

  4. HI Cecile! So good of you to pop over from your busy blog to visit little ol' me! Glad you enjoyed the interview, hope the water cooled you down!

    Steph~ It was a pleasure to have you, girl! Your interview was very steamy for sure! Many sales to ya!

    Leah! A familiar glad you came by. Hope the steam didn't scorch you! xo See ya at work girlie!

  5. Thanks again CJ and to Cecile and Leah for the kind words:) Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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  7. Hi. It sounds really good, I'll have to get a bigger notepad for my booklist, lol


  8. Another excellent interview, CJ! Awesome answers, Stephanie. I'm with you on George Clooney! Yum!!!

  9. Having Read this I can tell you this story Rocks... and steams LOL

    Can't wait for the next book Stephanie.